There may not be any inclement weather in the Bangor, Downeast or Northern parts of Maine, but all State Offices will be closing at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 30th.

The weather is bad down in Southern Maine, and Governor Mills has ordered all State Offices to close at 3.p.m.

“With the winter weather worsening and causing slick roads and dangerous driving conditions, I am closing state offices early today to ensure that all state employees are able to get home safely,” said Governor Mills. “We will continue to monitor the weather as it develops throughout the evening and consider a delayed opening for tomorrow, if necessary. In the meantime, to all those commuting or traveling, I urge you to please drive slowly and to leave ample room for our road crews and first responders who are working hard to keep us safe.”

If you are traveling, be safe and drive carefully.

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