The nearly 2 feet of snow has caused Acadia National Park to temporarily reopen the carriage roads!

In a press release on Thursday, March 15th Acadia National Park announced that the carriage roads in the park are re-opened for winter activities (i.e. skiing, snowshoeing, and walking only) as long as they remain snow covered. The Acadia Winter Trails Association volunteer groomers are unable to groom the carriage roads at this time because carriage road surfaces remain soft and are susceptible to damage from heavy grooming equipment.

“If we are going to have snow, we want people to be out enjoying the carriage roads,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider.

Parking lots will be plowed, as staff and equipment are available, beginning March 15, starting with Eagle Lake parking area first.

During this temporary re-opening of the carriage roads, motorized use and bicycle use is prohibited on all carriage roads. During winter snowmobiles are allowed on two sections of carriage roads and bicycles are allowed on carriage roads that are not normally groomed for skiing.

Once the snow melts, the carriage roads will be temporarily closed (again) to allow them to dry out and become firm enough for spring, summer, and fall activities.

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