The ABA Green Team defeated Brewer 44-43 on Sunday, March 19th in the Junior High Boy's Final of the 25th Annual Great Harbor Shoot-Out at MDI High School on a 3-pointer by Caidin Lunt with 0.6 seconds remaining.

ABA Green and Brewer were tied 8-8 after the end of the 1st Quarter. Colby Smith and Aaron Newcomb each had 3-pointers for Brewer while Kyle Goodrich had 2 points. For the ABA Green Team, Caidin Lunt scored all 8 points.

ABA Green led 19-18 at the end of the 1st Half. Ethan Merchant had 5 points for the ABA Green Team, including a 3-pointer. Marshall Reiff, Caidin Lunt and Porter Isaacs each had 2 points. For Brewer Kyle Goodrich and Hunter Russell each had 3-pointers and Aaron Newcomb and Gavin Carr each had 2 points.

At the end of the 3rd Quarter, Brewer led the ABA Green Team 34-28, outscoring the team from MDI 16-7 in the 3rd Quarter. In the 3rd Quarter, Brewer's Gavin Carr had 8 points, Aaron Newcomb had 5 points and Kyle Goodrich had another 3-pointer. For the ABA Team Porter Isaacs had  points, and Brady Reanault and Caidin Lunt each had 2 points.

In the 4th Quarter, the ABA Team outscored Brewer 16-9 for the last second win. Lunt had 8 points, with 2 3-pointers including the game winner. Renualt had 4 points, including a 3-pointer and Ethan Merchant and Marshall Reiff each had 2 points. For Brewer Newcomb had 5 points and Carr had 4 points.

ABA Green was led by Caidin Lunt with a game high 20 points. Ethan Merchant had 9 points, Brady Renault had 6 points, Porter Isaacs had 5 points and Marshall Reiff had 4 points. Also on the ABA Green Team were Wilder Noyes, Ben Lipski, Emryis Miller, Aiden Bulter, Joey Minutolo and Sam Mitchell.

Brewer was led by Aaron Newcomb with 15 points, Gain Carr had 14 points, Kyle Goodrich had 8 points and Colby Smith and Hunter Russell each had 3 points. Also on the Brewer Team were Brendan Saunders, Kody Doak, Lennox Cummings, Dylan Huff, and Dylan Cross.

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