Congratulations to everyone who has just finished up their Fall Semester at college! As I was reading everyone's status updates, I thought I'd offer some helpful hints on returning home from being away!

1. Remember it's Mom and Dad's house. Their house .. Their rules. You have had a LOT of freedom at college, and Mom and Dad may not be ready for everything you have tried and experienced while at college. Remember back to what it was like last summer BEFORE you went to school.

2. Don't come in and drop off your laundry and expect mom to do it! You managed to do your laundry for 3 months, you can certainly do it at home :) If Mom offers, then it's ok, but don't think she's going to do it!

3. Make sure to let Mom and Dad know where you're going to be, and what time you're coming home at night. It's just common courtesy. They're not keeping track of your every waking moment, but do communicate with them. Trust me they will really appreciate this.

4. Offer to help around the house. Whatever chores you had before you went off to school, see if Mom and Dad want you to do them again when you're home! You'll earn MAJOR brownie points with this one!

5. I know this will be stretching it, but you could offer to watch your younger brothers and sisters for a bit, so Mom and Dad could go out on a date night. I know, they'll think you're up to something :) but once they're convinced you're not, they'll love this!

6. I know you want to see all your friends, especially if you haven't seen them while you have been away, but try to carve out some family time. Again, this will be very much appreciated!

7. Remember the house is on it's own schedule. Mom and Dad have to get up and go to work. You're exhausted and want to sleep till noon. I understand that, but don't stay up to 3 AM with the TV blaring and the radio playing!

Enjoy your time away from college. Recharge, and have a great Christmas break!


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