"First frost" might as well be a string of obscenities in my mind. I don't function well in the cold, and when the first chilly morning of the fall greets me, it takes a few days to recover my typically sunny and positive outlook. If you, too, are sulking about summer officially ending, then here's a 5 step list for surviving the first frosty days of the season.

1. Ask your friends and family for Netflix recommendations.

Watching TV in the winter becomes literally becomes Netflix & Chill because it's damn CHILLY in your house. You need to start categorizing and organizing your binging series now so there's never a gap between shows.

2. Put the winter linens back on your bed (and start a list of excuses to never leave).

First frost means I get to dig my down comforter out of the bag from the dry cleaners, work up a sweat as I shimmy it into the duvet cover, and burrow down beneath it for winter hibernation.

3. Discard all desire to be fashionable and instead dress for warmth and survival.

Here's your blanket permission slip to forgo fashion and focus only on your survival this frigid fall season. It's okay if you're tempted to rock the sleeping-bag-turned-puffer-jacket in September. It's survival of the warmest, not the most fashionable.

4. Go for double helpings of food at dinner for "insulation".

Like an expectant mother "eating for two", I encourage you to scoop double the potatoes on your plate and anyone who dares food shame your portions should be word-slapped with the response, "It's for insulation!"

5. Scroll through the photos from summer on your phone and gently weep about better days gone by.

Remember when you would walk outside without a jacket and instantly start sweating? Remember when not even a cold shower and laying naked in front of the fan cooled you down? Yes, those were the good old days.