We've all seen the bumper sticker....

"If Tourism Has A Season, How Come We Can't Hunt Them?"

Don't get me wrong, Maine's economy depends on the tourist season. So while there may be parts of it I don't like, I also understand it's part of the deal of living here. And as gorgeous as Acadia can be in the summertime, most tourists, for instance, have no idea how beautiful the Park Loop can be in winter. So it's not like it's a total loss.

But I came across this article in the BDN from a few years back, that had the four chief complaints that tourists have about visiting Maine. First off, how dare they??? Ever been to Ohio? It's a dump. Iowa? Unless you like corn fields, don't bother. But Maine is a downright gorgeous place that these folks should spend a lot more time appreciating.

Various online review sites said we're bad drivers (well, kinda true), not enough hotel options for people with kids, the bugs (also kinda true), and the unpredictable weather. But no matter where you go in this entire country, Mother Nature has her own agenda. So you're gonna blame Maine? Not on my watch.

So, without further adieu, here are four things that I think Mainers find universally annoying about tourists....

They're often rude. How many times have you been waiting in line at LL Bean's or Reny's, and some flat-lander thinks that somehow their money is more important than everyone else in line. Or that it's ok for their kids to go running all over the store, crashing into people and knocking things over.

Driving behind them, or having to give them directions. This was particularly bad when I lived in Portland. I can't count how many times I got stopped on the street and asked if I was from around here.... I was always tempted to do the evil thing and give them crappy directions, but I never did. Or ever get stuck driving behind a tourist in Bar Harbor? Ugh..... Do I even need to go there?

They walk slower than zombies. Sometimes, as a local, you know where you're going and just wanna get there. But then, here comes Bill and Sharon from Michigan, and they're four obnoxious kids, taking up the whole sidewalk, with their eyes on anything but where they're going, walking at the speed of stop.

Your family from out-of-town that thinks you live in a hick state. In my opinion, they're the worst of all. Mostly because they think since you're family, they can say whatever they want, and act like big shots because they live in the big city. Or your brother or sister that moved away, and every time they come to visit, all they do is complain about how boring it is here.

Honestly, I could go on all day, but why bother? When it comes right down to it, Maine would be nothing without all these folks from away, that come here to spend their money. I just wish they'd do it a little quieter. Just like mom used to tell me... If you don't have anything nice to say.....