Happy February 22nd. 2's are wild today, because it's 2-22-22, a once in a lifetime occurrence and how about this, it's happening on a Tuesday! ! If you're going to play the Lottery today, I would suggest that you have the number 2 somewhere in there!

If you missed out celebrating on 2-2-22, don't miss your chance today to celebrate the #2

Of course, it wouldn't be complete talking about the number 2, without a visit from the Count from Sesame Street!

I love Count von Count!

Tourney wise, if you are the Calais Blue Devils Girl's Basketball Team you have to be feeling somewhat lucky as the #2 seed when you play the Dexter Tigers this morning who are the #7 seed. And they say "lucky number 7' but I don't know if that tops the power of "2" today!

Now if you really want to celebrate the Power of 2's...Today is National Margarita Day. It's the perfect opportunity to have 2 of them.. but please drink responsibly and Don't Drink and Drive!

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