The MDI High School Drama department celebrated their successes this past year on Tuesday night, May 24th with the passing out of the 2022 Bravo Awards, Honor Thespian Awards and  Activity Letters.

You can see the ceremony below.

Here are the 2022 MDI Bravo Award Recipients. Congratulations to all!


Outstanding Lead Performers
Ly Dillon
Nolan Domagala

Outstanding Supporting Performers
Larissa Zaiser
Andrew James

Outstanding Tech
Grace Weed

Outstanding Pit Member
Edward Choi

Director’s Book Award
Mia Eason


Outstanding Performers
Ly Dillon
Logan Wilbur

Outstanding Tech
Ryder Haines

Director’s Book Award
Megan Huff
Faye Durand


Outstanding Performers
Rex DeMuro
Bryce MacGregor

Outstanding Tech
Isa Raven
Brooke Stevens

Director’s Book Award (Chris)
Harlan Mahoney
Grace Curry
Mia Eason

Director’s Book Award (Carlene)
Avery Preston-Schreck
Tessa Sanborn


Best New Tech
Isa Raven

Most Improved Tech
Cayla Swanberg

Tech of the Year
Ryder Haines


The Ashleigh Littlefield "No Small Actor" Award
Hayden Braun

The "Super-Spirit" Award
Eva Crikelair

The "Super Stand-In" Award
Chloe Bolt

The Lorin Cooper "Super-Trouper" Award
CassieLyn Willis

The Directors' Leadership Award
Tessa Sanborn
Ly Dillon

“The Rising Tide (Lifts All Boats) Award
Forrester Coleman
Katrina Hardy
Maria Salysiak
Matthew Wheeler

MDI Drama Activity Letter, Honor Pin and Honor Thespian Award Winners

Class of 2024 -  Aidan Fisichella, Alida Hodgkins, McKayla Joyce, Isabelle Peterson, Brooke Stevens, Elizabeth Grace Weed

Class of 2023 - Hayden Braun*, Cassie Carter, Spencer Clark*, Eva Crikelair*, Grace Curry*, Susanna Davis, Rex DeMuro*, Ly Dillon*, Aaron Durgin, Mia Eason*, Ryder Haines*, Patrick Hall, Florian Horton, Megan Huff, Julianna Lee, Bryce MacGregor*, Alifair Durand McDonnell*, Avery Preston-Schreck*, Tessa Sanborn*, Rowan Schoff, Darrin Stavnesli, CassieLyn Willis*

Class of 2022 - Chloe Bolt§, Forrester Coleman§, Zoë Eason*, Raian Giblin, Finn Hansbury, Katrina Hardy§, Ava Lawson*, Ruby Mahoney, Maria Saltysiak*, Claire Sanner, Matthew Wheeler§, Logan Wilbur§, BethAnn Zoehler, Larissa Zaiser

* Honor Pin recipient        § MDI Drama Honor Thespian

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