While hundreds are taking vacations across the state, some still have to do the dirty work. Here are 10 jobs in Maine that are way worse on hot days.

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    Construction Work

    Maine only has a few months to get our roads back in drivable shape so this is the busy season for outdoor construction work, on the hot tar, under the hot sun. Im melting just thinking about it!

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    Of course this job is hot year round but being in a burning building wearing thick gear head to toe when it is also 90 degrees outside has go to be unbearable!

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    Kitchen Work

    It's usually a fast paced job where you are surrounded by fryers, ovens, stove burners, and even flames. Lots of Maine eateries open in the summer are small or are just one room shacks with take-out windows, it gets warm real quick!

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    Porta Potty Service

    Using a Porta potty is unpleasant on any day but especially when the contents are warm... Fortunately we don't have to clean them or transport them, but someone does... and to them we are forever thankful.

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    Ever wonder why UPS delivery drivers drive around with their doors open? It's because they have no AC! Day after day your local delivery person is doing a lot of physical activity with little or no relief!

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    Most people's biggest summer gripe is mowing the lawn or yard work, but for some, that's how they pay the bills! Possibly the hottest job on the list where you only work when the sun is out and it's warm enough for greenery to grow!

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    Talk about torture! This job requires you to stand next to a pool or body of water on hot sunny days, but you're not allowed to go swimming! It's like starring at a glass of water when you are thirsty!

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    Thankfully times have changed and a lot of the back breaking work farmers used to have to do are taken care of by machinery now. However, there are somethings machines just can't do, and for that we rely on the farmers. It's a dirty job, it's a frustrating job, and a hot one!

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    A/C Repair

    Usually if a building needs an AC that means it's warm inside. So it's safe to assume it would also be warm within a building with a broken AC system. Plus this job often requires crawling in places like basements and attics which can get very hot and humid in a Maine summer.

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    Bananas the Mascot

    The good news is there are not many UMaine events during the summer months where Bananas is required. But when he is, he is hot. We assume he stays pretty toasty during the UMaine hockey games in a cold arena. We can't even begin to imagine the warmth of the Bananas costume on a hot summer day!

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