It's long been debated whether or not off-beat comedian/actor Andy Kaufman faked his own death in 1984. Kaufman's strange and varied career in show business officially ended in 1984 when it was publicized that he died of lung cancer. But this week, during the Andy Kaufman Awards Ceremony at a comedy club, a woman walked onstage and claimed to be Kaufman's daughter...conceived five years after his death.

Kaufman was probably best known for his role as Latka Gravas on the TV Show 'Taxi.' But fans also knew him as an unpredictable and strange comedian, and during his brief career as a professional wrestler. Jim Carrey did an awesome job of portraying the many moods and eccentricities of one of the most enigmatic men in show business in the movie 'Man on the Moon.'

It's been questioned for years whether or not Andy Kaufman faked his death. And even that is portrayed in the movie when Kaufman's alter-ego Tony Clifton (one of his many characters) showed up a club and performed a year after the actor's death. Kaufman's brother, Michael, who was onstage when the woman appeared, says he has a glimmer of hope that Andy is somehow behind the hoax.

The Smoking Gun claims that the woman who says she's Kaufman's daughter is actually a 23-year-old actress named Alexandra Tatarsky. They claim that Michael met Alexandra was she was working at a Kaufman exhibit in Manhattan.

Watch this video from MOXNews where Michael discusses the possibility of Andy being alive, and reads from a letter he received that claims to be from Andy. The questions are many. Is this an elaborate hoax developed by Andy Kaufman before he died? Is Michael Kaufman behind this hoax? Or is Andy Kaufman alive? Watch the video and judge for yourself. Whoever's behind it, it's classic Andy Kaufman!