It's being called the most honest three and a half minutes on television. Jeff Daniels' character on the TV series 'The Newsroom' answers the question 'Why is America the Greatest Country in the World?' in a way that no one expected. He isn't.

I've never watched 'The Newsroom,' but after watching this clip, I obviously have to see more of this TV series. Daniels' character in this clip answers in a way that we've all considered, I think. The frightening doubts that niggle at the edges of our beliefs. Or, perhaps, they stare you in the face every morning and cause a feeling of dread for the future of our country.

I encourage you to watch the whole clip. Warning: It is NSFW in places. Don't shut it off when he refers to the woman in the audience as a sorority girl. Because after that, his angry tirade turns nostalgic. And really makes you think about what our country used to be. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find our way back there?