Maureen Hancock loved Bangor so much, she is coming back for a third time to connect with you! Here are a few things you can expect to happen at her show.

  • 1


    Maureen takes this overwhelming subject matter of death, and puts her sense of light heartened humor on it.

  • 2

    A few tears

    Maureen will make connections with people who have been wanting to hear from lost loved ones, make sure to bring a few tissues.

  • 3

    Skeptics Becoming Believers

    Not everyone who goes to Maureen is a believer but more  believers will walk out than what entered.

  • 4

    Hugs From Heaven

    Don't be surprised to get a Hug from Heaven delivered by Maureen during a reading.

  • 5

    Comfort in Knowing Loved Ones Are Not That Far Away

    Maureen helps provide closure to those who have been seeking it.