The Trenton man charged with killing 60-year-old Richard Bellitieri was in court today in Ellsworth. 43-year-old William Morse did not enter a plea for the charge of murder and plead not guilty to several other misdemeanors.

Bellitieri had been missing for over a year when his skeletal remains were found near his Trenton home last weekend.

Court documents indicate that Morse had withdrawn money from the victim's bank account and drove his car after allegedly killing him between June and October of last year. Morse had reportedly been passing himself off as Bellitieri for several months.

Nobody had reported Belletieri missing after last being seen in June 2012. But police became suspicious when they found his driver's license, credit cards, and social security card with Morse during a drunk driving arrest in July.

Bellitieri's remains were found Sunday. An autopsy revealed that he had been shot several times.

Police caught up with Morse on Thursday, when the communicated with him at a house in Dedham. Morse gave them the slip, but they caught up with him Holden sometime later.

Morse made his initial court appearance today and did not enter a plea for the murder charges. He did plead not guilty to several unrelated misdemeanors including operating a motor vehicle after suspension, illegal attachment of plates, and violating conditions of release. Morse was returned to Hancock County Jail.