The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office received a domestic disturbance call from a home the Morse Road in Knox on Saturday around 6 p.m. A Unity man was at the residence to confront his ex-girlfriend when things escalated. 

Deputies Kyle Wasiela and Wiley McVety responded to the call. Once on scene, Deputies learned that Ulysses Queener, 50 of Unity, had come to the residence asking his ex-girlfriend about a generator located on the property. During the confrontation it was alleged that Queener pushed his ex-girlfriend knocking her on top of the generator and then he attempted to place a lit cigarette into the open gas tank of the generator.

Queener was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence Assault and transported to the Waldo County Correctional Center with bail set at $150.00 cash. Queener was released on that bail later that evening.