The moose on the loose in Maine - and we have the videos! Some of these clips are exactly what not to do around a moose - and one isn't even from Maine, but went viral here and everywhere.

  • 1

    It's Wrong to Ride a Moose

    British Columbia

    This video is not from Maine but was viral everywhere. Dude riding a moose is an example of the wrong thing to do.

  • 2

    Graphic Video

    Maine Woods

    This moose fight is intense. Watch with caution.

  • 3

    Don't Chase Moose

    Jackman, Maine

    Don't pursue moose. It's dangerous and the wrong thing to do.

  • 4

    Up Close Moose

    Northern Maine

    A nice, casual face to face with a chill Maine moose.

  • 5

    Moose Chasing

    Maine Woods

    Another DON'T. Moose chasing doesn't benefit anyone.