Yesterday, in honor of Father's Day, I posted "Things Father's Say". If you missed it, you can click here.

Today, with Father's Day tomorrow, I give you the Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear Your Dad Say!


  1. Can you turn up that music? It really calms my nerves.
  2. You can't finish your peas? Go ahead and throw 'em away.
  3. Here, you take the remote.
  4. Oh no, kids, this sled is too fast!
  5. No, honey, sit this one out. I really can't wait to change that diaper.
  6. As a matter of fact, let's both go get nose rings!
  7. Hey, kids! Sit down at the table and try my vichyssoise.
  8. Go ahead, take my car-and here's fifty bucks for gas.
  9. Waiter! More ice cream for the little one!
  10. Where do babies come from?

Happy Father's Day!