Thank you very much for voting in our poll to decide which Ellsworth Basketball game to broadcast Tuesday, February 11th. We had over 1400 votes cast, and the majority wanted to hear the Ellsworth Boys at Medmomak Valley at 5:30 PM.

The Ellsworth Girls have played extremely well this season, and I wanted to cover their game as well as they play Oceanside at 7 PM. So the plan is this, we will cover the Ellsworth Boys at Medomak Valley with the pregame starting at 5:15 and the tip-off at 5:30. As soon as that game is over, I'll quickly pack up, and drive the 20 minutes to Oceanside High School, and I will join that game in progress and bring you coverage as soon as I can!

There's no doubt that Ellsworth fans want to hear both games, and both teams deserve to have their prelim games aired. So, hopefully, doing the Boy's game and then joining in progress the Girl's game will make everyone happy.

Thanks for listening all season long, and best of luck to the Ellsworth Eagles Boy's and Girl's Basketball teams Tuesday night!