Now you can be a lighthouse keeper for a night! How'd you like to stay in a place with 360 degree views, on three levels, surrounded by ocean!

This North Haven Light house is known as Goose Rocks Light and it is currently listed on for $600 a night. But can you really put a price on staying in a place like this!?

The Goose Rocks Light Airbnb accommodates up to 6 people with one bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and 4 beds. The 'keeper' greets you and takes you to the lighthouse and assists with getting supplies and guests up the ladder. After that you are left alone at sea to enjoy all the lighthouse has to offer with access to just about everything.

The one thing to remember about this place is it is a working lighthouse meaning in times of trouble the horn will sound, and it will be loud. Luckily even ear protection is provided!