You've heard of the infamous Karma Sutra right? Well the notorious 4th Century sex guide is once again becoming a best seller thanks to a new illustrated version featuring sock monkeys! Yes, The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra is now available in both book and calendar form on Amazon. Subtitled "Tantric sex positions for your naughty little monkey," it was apparently written by "4th century sock monkey philosopher" Vatsyayana Banana. In the Amazon listing the ad copy reads: "You know what they say, "Monkey see, monkey do. Well, these sock monkeys have seen the Kama Sutra and boy, are they doing it. This photographic glimpse gives new meaning to monkey business as the crafted creatures try out dozens of real Kama Sutra positions. From the Clinging Creeper to the Spinning Top, these socks are ready to knock boots!"