Police say a 3-year-old girl, who had been reported missing, has been returned to her foster family. The girl, her 1-year-old brother, and their 22-year-old mother failed to appear for a scheduled visit with representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services.

According to the Sun Journal, Elsa Konopka was last seen with her daughter Kylee Morin and her son Shawn Konopka on Monday. Neighbors say Elsa was seen getting into a car after picking up some things at her house. They said she was in a light-colored station wagon with a black male at the wheel.

Rumford Police Sergeant Douglas Mayfield told WLBZ 2 on Sunday that Kylee had been returned to a former foster family in Lewiston Saturday night by her mother. The foster family had not heard the press coverage and so was unaware that police were looking for the girl. When they learned of the search, they called DHHS this morning.

Police say Konopka still has her son but has told police, via phone, that she will take him to the nearest law enforcement agency.