How does one react when a great white shark takes a bite out of your kayak spilling you into the water?  Listen to this 911 call recorded earlier this week in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

“It was a (expletive) great white!”

This past Wednesday, Ida Parker and Kristin Orr, two experienced kayakers who grew up in Plymouth were about 110 yards offshore watching seals at play when a great white breached the water and bit Orr's boat leaving an 18 inch indentation..

Both women were knocked into the water.

A bystander saw what happened and called for help, and then the Plymouth Harbormaster eventually reached them and pulled them to safety.

The two twenty-something women were shaken but not hurt and admitted that they probably shouldn't have been in that area watching the seals which great white sharks enjoy munching on.

Click below to listen to the 911 call!