A Corinth man who was reported missing after calling his family to say he was stuck on a dirt road has been found, safe and sound. Family members reported Bernard Joseph Santerre called around 6 o'clock last night to tell them he was stuck between two trees.

The 68-year-old left his home in Corinth around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, heading to the Brewer WalMart. It's believed that he then stopped at a Corinth supermarket sometime between 4 and 5pm.

After calling his family, he called 911 at  around 6:30 last night and spoke to the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Department, telling them that his vehicle was stuck between two trees on a dirt road. They tried triangulating his location through his cellphone signal and believed they had a rough idea of where he was.

At around noon today Mr. Santerre was located along the Howard Siding Road in Abbott. Wardens used a helicopter to help find him. They say Santerre is in good condition.