Police were called after a man allegedly waved a large handgun at picketers. An officer was able to quickly locate the pickup and the firearms.

Bangor Police Sergeant Tim Cotton said in a press release that the incident happened just before noon on Monday. Police responded to the corner of Exchange and State Streets where picketers said a man in a passing vehicle had waved a large handgun at them. The suspect was said to be in a large green GMC pickup with dealer plates.

A short time later, Officer Jeremy Caron located the pickup on Market Street and talked to the passenger. That conversation led police to the two guns, in question, that later were identified as pellet guns. The suspect in the case initially refused to give police his correct identity.

Michael Meteer, age 33 is charged with Terrorizing, Reckless Conduct, and Failure to Provide Correct Name. He was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.