How does the state of Maine rank when it comes to wine consumption?  We're 18th in the nation.  Must be those highfalutin' summer people that drink it all, eh?  'Cause we have to all love the coffee brandy.  Well, probably not.

Maine wine drinkers average 10.4 liters per capita, a little more than two and a half gallons per person.  Sound about right?

Who consumes the most wine?  By a long shot, those honest to god highfalutin' politicians and lobbyists in Washington, D.C.who are constantly tippin' back with their pinkies in the air, that's who.

The Beverage Information Group has recently collected data on wine consumption in the nation and the Business Insider has created a nifty chart for us all to comprehend, when we're sober. The measurement that they used was "liters per capta",  think "one quart per person" and you'll get the idea. Here's the results:

The Top States in Wine Consumption (liters per capita)

  1. District of Columbia 25.7
  2. New Hampshire 19.6
  3. Vermont 17.5
  4. Massachusetts 16.9
  5. New Jersey 14.9

The Bottom States in Wine Consumption

  1. West Virginia 2.4
  2. Mississippi 2.8
  3. Kansas 3.2
  4. Utah 3.2
  5. Kentucky 3.9