Maine flags and those across New England remain at half-staff today in honor of the two Boston firefighters killed in the line of duty in that city last week.

Lt. Edward Walsh Jr. and Michael Kennedy died while fighting a blaze inside a brick building on Beacon Street.

A funeral mass was held for Lt. Walsh yesterday.  The funeral for Kennedy is being held today at 11am.

Two buses from Maine carried more than 100 of our state's fire fighters to Boston to attend the funeral.  They joined thousands from New England and across the nation to pay their respects.

Governor Paul Lepage said yesterday that Mainers "grieve with the families" and recognize all who "dedicate themselves to protecting and safeguarding Americans every day."

Yesterday's funeral procession was very moving as a Boston firetruck carrying the casket of Lt. Walsh slowly made it's way to St. Patrick's Church in Watertown.  The brother of the fallen firefighter walked in front of the truck carrying his sibling's helmet.