The message from the 101st Air Refueling Wing is simple - 'MAINEiacs are not Maniacs' - Don't Drink and Drive.

Chances are, you may know someone in this video, if you have any friends or coworkers who are in the Air National Guard. I know, for me, Wing Commander Colonel Doug Farnham is a familiar face, as we went to school together. The men and women of the 101st got together to spread the message about the importance of not driving while intoxicated.

The holidays are here, and there will be Thanksgiving meals, Christmas parties, office parties, and more that will tempt you to get behind the wheel when you really shouldn't. Pay attention to your situation. If you're 'just buzzed,' you still shouldn't get behind the wheel. Don't ruin someone else's holiday season by causing an accident. Save the drinking for when you get home and you can raise a glass with your loved ones. Or call a cab. Let's make it a happy and safe holiday season for everyone!

Congratulations to the folks of the 101st for a job well done! And thank you all for your service to our country. We appreciate all you do!