A kayak that disappeared yesterday after it fell off the owner's vehicle has been located. The woman had hidden the kayak until she could get a vehicle to pick it up. When she returned, the kayak was gone.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says the case was resolved in part by Maine Department of Transportation spokesman Ted Talbot. He called State Police yesterday to say he saw the kayak being loaded onto an SUV Tuesday afternoon.That information led to a man from greater Portland calling in to say he had picked it up.

The watercraft went missing Tuesday after the roof rack it was attached to came loose from the owner's vehicle. She hid it behind a guardrail off the interstate in Bowdoinham until she could return with a vehicle capable of carrying it. 30 minutes later, when the woman returned, the kayak was gone.

McCausland says the man who found it told authorities that he took it home for safe keeping and called State Police last night, after he saw Troopers were looking for it. The kayak has been returned to its rightful owner.