Waltham Massachusetts police are reporting that Jared Remy, the son of Boston Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy, has allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death.

According to the Boston Globe, Remy is scheduled to be arraigned today on murder and domestic assault and battery charges at Waltham District Court, he same courthouse where he appeared on Wednesday to face allegations that he assaulted Jennifer Martel, the woman he is now accused of killing.

The killing took place Thursday night in their Waltham MA apartment while their  daughter was home.  The child is now in state custody.

Jared Remy assaulted the 27 year old Jennifer Martel, the mother of their 4 year old daughter on Tuesday.  Remy was released on bail past Wednesday.  The decision to release Remy was made in part from a conversation between authorities and the now deceased victim.


This morning, Patty Martel, Jennifer Martel's mother, told the Boston Herald that her daughter had been planning her escape. On Wednesday, "She said, I'm planning my escape. Don't worry, I'm planning my escape", Patty Martel said.

Patty Martel said that her daughter returned to the apartment yesterday to collect some stuff.  "And that's why he killed her, because she called the cops on him".

Remy was arraigned this morning and is being held without bail.

Waltham cops arrived at the Windsor Village apartment Thursday at 9pm, and found  Martel stabbed to death and lying on the back patio.

In 2009 Jared Remy and a former member of the Boston Red Sox security staff had been implicated in steroid use, and Major League Baseball opened up an investigation.  Remy and the security person were both fired by the Red Sox.  During the investigation Remy admitted to beating up a former girlfriend.

"I never like him", Patty Martel said.  " I haven't liked him in years.  He had a rotten disposition".