A man who found his 15 minutes of fame after being pulled over in his Batmobile by the police has died in an interstate accident. Lenny B. Robinson adopted the 'Batman' persona to entertain sick kids.

The world was introduced to Robinson three years ago when his vehicle was pulled over by Montgomery County Police on Route 29 in Hagerstown, Maryland for his license plates that showed only the Batman symbol. Robinson was driving his Lamborghini, which he had converted to look like a classic Batmobile, and he was dressed as the Caped Crusader. The police video of the traffic stop instantly went viral.

Robinson made his money with a cleaning business. But a few years ago, he sold the business, modified his car, bought the suit, and spent his time traveling to area hospitals to entertain kids in the pediatric wards.

The Washington Post reports that Robinson wasn't in costume Sunday night when he pulled his Batmobile into a gas station, but still took the time to give some superhero trinkets to kids who came to check out the car. Just a few minutes later, he experienced car trouble on an unlit section of Interstate 70 near Hagerstown.

He pulled partially into the median and the people he'd just met at the gas station parked behind him with their emergency flashers on. Robinson got out of the car and was checking the engine, when another car slammed into the Lamborghini, which then struck and killed Robinson. The 51-year-old died at the scene.

Rest in peace, Mr. Robinson. Thanks for all the joy you brought to kids who, otherwise, didn't have a lot to laugh about. Your good works will be remembered long after the Bat signal fades to black.