We wanted to send a huge thank you out to everyone who's working to keep us safe in the ice storm! From the sand truck drivers to the utility workers, there are a lot of people in our state who are postponing their own holiday celebrations in order to help us have ours.

So, when you're complaining because you had to stand out in the rain to clear the ice off your car, think of the people who are standing in cherry pickers, in that same rain and wind, to work on ice-coated power lines.

When you feel annoyed because there are ice-covered trees hanging into the roadway, making your drive to work even more treacherous, think of the people who will have to risk their lives by standing on icy roads to cut those branches away. And then there are the people who are working around the clock to sand the roads, making travel possible.

Let's also recognize all the first responders. We've been encouraging people to stay home, if at all possible. But it's NOT possible for them. Police officers, ambulance crews, and firefighters are all on the clock, trying to save lives while dealing with all the same elements that we are.

Along with braving the elements, these folks are also spending time away from their families, working around the clock, to keep us safe. So we want to say a very heartfelt "Thank you!" for all that you do! If we could buy each and every one of you a cup of something....coffee...hot chocolate...beer...or whiskey...we would! Here's hoping you get home in time to spend Christmas with your families!