Governor Paul LePage is asking Mainers to watch out for each other as the state experiences the coldest temperatures since 2011. Blizzard conditions overnight into this morning, followed by extreme cold could make for a dangerous situation for some.

The Governor put out a request this week that Mainers check on their neighbors, especially those vulnerable to the cold. If you have elderly or house-bound friends, neighbors, or relatives, check on them often to make sure they have everything they need and that their heat is working properly. Same goes for anyone using an alternative heat source. Make sure they're safe and staying warm.

And he reminds residents to take the proper precautions if you're going to be outside for any amount of time. This level of cold can become dangerous very, very quickly, so it's important that you pay attention to how long you're outside and how you dress. The following tips were shared on the state's website:

Dress in layers.
• Wear a warm hat – 30% of heat loss is through the head.
• Wear a scarf and gloves.
• Infants should be in a room in which the temperature is 61-68 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Drink plenty of fluids and warm/hot drinks.
• Eat regular balanced meals to give you energy – good nutrition is important.
• Keep active when it’s cold, but not to the point where you’re sweating.
• Keep dry and change out of wet clothes as soon as possible.
• Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, since all three cause heat loss.
• Try to keep one room in the house warm.
• Recognize the symptoms of hypothermia – impaired consciousness, sleepiness, confusion, and/or disorientation, shivering (may not see shivering in the elderly or people on certain medications), pale or blue skin, numbness, poor coordination, slurred speech.

For more help and information:

• Life or safety-threatening emergency: Call 9-1-1
• Power outage or downed power line: Call your electric utility
• Bangor Hydro Electric/Maine Public Service: 1-800-440-1111 (Central and Downeast Maine) and 1-877-655-4448 (Northern Maine)
• Central Maine Power: 1-800-696-1000
• Eastern Maine Electric: (207) 454-7555 Ext. 250, (800) 696-7444 Ext. 250
• For shelter locations or other health and safety resources: Dial 2-1-1 (toll free) or
• Maine Prepares (weather alerts and safety information):
• Maine Emergency Management Agency:
• MaineCDC’s “Stay Healthy This Winter”
• National Weather Service Gray:
• National Weather Service Caribou:
• Maine DOT Travel Information: or dial 5-1-1 (toll-free)
• MEMA on Facebook:
• MEMA on Twitter: @MaineEMA (