It's no secret, I love Oreos. I have even reviewed new flavors here online. Birthday Cake Oreos are addictive! Watermelon Oreos were delicious. We've published stories about a man contemplating divorce after his wife ate the filling of his double stuffed oreos! So when a friend posted the picture and story of fried chicken oreos on my facebook page, my heart started having palpitations!

Now I couldn't tell if the palpitations were due to excitement, or for the fact that my blood sugar was going to go through the roof, and my arteries were clogging in anticipation of eating a few fried chicken oreos. I mean, there are Lime oreos, Reese's Peanut Butter oreos and Fruit  Punch oreos, so I could believe this. I wanted it to be true... I needed it to be true!

Imagine my crushing disappointment when I read official word that this was just a cruel, cruel prank! There was such a buzz about Fried Chicken Oreos on the Internet, that an Oreo spokesperson was forced to categorically deny that it was true. So, I had to take the napkin and wipe away the saliva, but on a positive note, my blood sugar and heart thank me for not trying them. Because, rest assured, had it been true, I would have tried them, and reviewed them here.