When life hands you lemons, make....a colorful collage! A young woman decided to smile in the face of unhappiness after her fiance called off their wedding. So she and her bridesmaids, along with her Mom and Dad, dressed up in their wedding finery and posed for pictures. Then, the paint started to fly!

Huffington Post reports that Shelby Swink was due to get married on November 1st. But her college boyfriend-fiance called off the wedding. Photographer Elizabeth Hoard suggested doing a 'trash the dress' video that day, and Swink thought it was a great idea. She said a pity party was the last thing she needed, so they suited up and let the colors fly. The result is fun, colorful, and beautiful!

Most beautiful of all, however, is a young woman who decided to have some fun rather than cry about an ex with a bout of cold feet. And the photos are amazing! As for the dress, it's being displayed in the front window of a local Tennessee bridal shop and a portion of sales for the next few weeks will go to charity. Truly a classy move!