The City of Ellsworth held elections today, February 4th to elect a new school board, as part of the withdrawal from RSU 24. On the ballot were Heather Bird, Dawn Ihle Hudson, Marcia Boles Jude, Paul Markosian, Andrea Perry, Darren Richardson, Brenda Thomas and Russell White. Voters could choose up to 5 of the 8 candidates.

The winners, elected to the Ellsworth School Board were Dawn Ihle Hudson (3 year term), Marcia Boles Jude (2 year term), Brenda Thomas (3 year term), Paul Markosian  (2 year term) and Andrea Perry (1 year term).

Congratulations and now the hard work begins!

The New Ellsworth School Board (L-R Marcia Boles Jude, Paul Markosian, Dawn Ihle Hudson, Brenda Thomas and Andra Perry) Photo Credit Paul Markosian