It' s hard to believe that the High School Basketball Season is nearly a little over a quarter way done, with the Eagle's Boy's and Girl's Basketball Teams having played 5 games. The Ellsworth Girl's are a perfect 5-0 while the Boy's are 4-1. Ellsworth is set to travel up to Aroostook County on Tuesday, to play Caribou and then Presque Isle on Wednesday, December 30th. The Girl's play Caribou at 3:30 PM , and the Boy's play at 6:30 and then on Wednesday, the Girls will play Presque Isle at 1 PM followed by the Boy's game at 2:30. Although we won't have the games on the radio, we will have box scores and recaps on our WDEA website.

Boy's Stats
Bruce St. Peter 64 points 12.8 points per game
Bryce Harmon 61 points 12.2 points per game
Nick Bagley 60 points 12 points per game

Bruce St. Peter 54 rebounds 10.8 rebounds per game
Nick Bagley 42 rebounds 5.25 rebounds per game
Bryce Harmon 22 rebounds 4.4 rebounds per game

Bryce Harmon 12 steals 2.4 steals per game

Girl's Stats
Madison Card 88 points 17.6 points per game
Kate Whitney 69 points 13.8 points per game
Hannah Sargent 33 points 6.6 points per game
Caitlin Bean 33 points 6.6 points per game

Rebounds Through 4 games
Kate Whitney 31 rebounds 7.75 rebounds per game
Madison Card 24 rebounds 6 rebounds per game
Caitlin Bean 23 rebounds 5.75 rebounds per game

Steals Through 4 games
Madison Card 17 steals 4.25 steals per game
Kate Whitney 14 steals 3.5 steals per game