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Maine is abundant with state parks with over 25 parks, waterways, and historic sites. No matter where you are in the state you can find a state park near you. Down East Magazine wants to know which park is your favorite. By selecting your favorite park and telling them a little about why you like it the most they will have the data to figure out which park is favorite and why.

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I'm a frequent visitor of Maine state parks. I've spent many weeks camping in Baxter State Park in the states northern region. The wilderness and serenity are my favorite part of that park. You can walk for miles without seeing another person even if the park is full of visitors, but you will see plenty of wildlife!

Fort Knox State Park in Waldo County has to be my favorite with its rich history and assortment of special events throughout the summer season. Not many old forts are in as good shape as Fort Knox and almost all of the park is accessible to all visitors. Following Fort Knox as my second favorite is Fort McClary. Located at the very bottom of the state this blockhouse fort is missing some of its buildings but the history and the view from this fort are breathtaking. Active during the Civil war, one of the cooks during this time was Vice President Hannibal Hamlin!

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