A woman who was arrested in Ohio and refuses to tell police who she has been identified.The woman is so set on concealing her identity that police say she's burned off her own fingerprints.

The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office posted today on its Facebook page that the woman has been identified as Ann Marie Miller, a 40-year-old disbarred attorney from Virginia who has felony charges pending against her in that state and also in Colorado. Although the woman refuses to admit that she's Miller, Ohio police say they're nearly 100% sure due to pictures they pulled from some of Miller's records.

She's been going by the name Julia Bay Wadsworth and was arrested recently in Allen County, Ohio for using a fake Maine birth certificate to obtain an Ohio identification card. That led police to believe she had a Maine connection.

The Morning Sentinel reports that a search of her computer turned up information on how the destruction and healing process of skin in order to conceal fingerprints and the methods of criminal extradition from Ohio to face charges in Augusta or Kennebec County, Maine.

Ohio Police say the woman told them she was born in Bangor to a woman named Jane Wadsworth, but police couldn't find any evidence to corroborate that story. She also told police she was a child victim of human trafficking.

The woman, who police are calling 'Jane Doe' has gone to great lengths to conceal her identity. She's even used something to enlarge and change the shape of her nose. And it took six sheriff's deputies to hold her down and obtain a DNA sample.

Detective Hook from the Allen County Sheriff's Office sends his thanks to the public and social media for helping with the case. It saved his office a lot of work.

Chief Deputy Reardon from the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office added his thanks, saying 'We couldn't do it without you.'