I have been worried about Henley, as he really hadn't been eating, but he did yesterday! Bob and Wishbone eat Rachel Ray's Dog Food, and wolf it down. The first two days Henley really wasn't interested, even with a little shredded cheese in it, but finally day 3, with the addition of a little Cooper sharp american cheese... Success! He ate all of his breakfast and dinner!

I left Henley at home with Bob and Wishbone, and I'm not sure who had more anxiety, but I'm pretty sure it was me! My younger son was home, but not feeling well, so the dogs were pretty much on their own and managed to do well! So that's good, everyone seems to be acclimating!

Last night when I came home there were toys all over the house! Henley wanted to play, so we did. We had a pumpkin that had stuffing in it, and a bit of a rope on it. Notice when I say had, because last night it was destroyed! The stuffing was shredded, and the rope pulled off the pumpkin. The pumpkin was so wet with dog saliva I think I could have wrung it out! Henley has now moved on to the squirrel!

Last night was pretty hot, and after 3 nights on the couch, I was determined to sleep in my bed with Bonnie and Bob! Henley came upstairs and decided he was going to sleep on the tile floor in the bathroom, which was probably the coolest part of the house! He went in and out of Craig's room, but settled in the bathroom floor. Bonnie (my wife) Bob and I were on the queen size bed with the ceiling fan going on high above the bed. Of course, Bob feeling neglected had to get right between us! That's great in the middle of winter, but when it was 70 plus degrees outside, and warmer in the bedroom, with Bob panting, I should have chosen the couch!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll keep you up to date with my life with Henley!