As you may know, my son, Craig is in a wheelchair and played wheelchair basketball at Southwest Minnesota State University, where hopefully, please God, he'll be graduating in December.

Wheelchair basketball is a lot tougher than it looks. As anyone who's played basketball tells you, it's good to be vertical! Wheelchair basketball players aren't. They're all sitting, so it's more about position. It's about angles, it's about teamwork. It's about upper body strength pushing up and down the court, and then having the arm strength to shoot the basketball or make a pass.

Check out this Guinness Beer commercial. This will give you an idea of how tough wheelchair basketball is. It also gives you an idea of what Guinness is thinking, to include a disabled athlete in it's TV commercial. Guinness, you got me, I'm buying a sixpack this weekend! Cheers to you, cheers to Craig, and cheers to all the athletes.