Wednesday was a very emotional day for many in the Bucksport area when the final shift was completed at the Verso paper mill.Generations of families had made a living at the mill over the years, and throughout those years many "at work" pictures were taken.

Deb Costigan recently collected many pictures from workers of the mill, and then assembled them into this fabulous video montage.

Costigan wrote on her wall, "Our Mill Memories! I put together a video as a small remembrance to the many men and women who worked so many hours at the mill. You are all in our Hearts.................. Thank you for sharing your pictures."

Some of the responses on Facebook include:

"My dad worked there for 25 + years. He past 5 years ago and I know he's looking down from heaven crying about all his friends losing their jobs. It's a sad day for our town . Stay strong and keep your head up. Bucksport is a strong town and always will be!"

" It brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts are with all of you today, especially my husband Ken. Stay strong."

"This will be a lasting tribute to the men and women who made this mill what it was for 84 years."

"Dig Deep ... hold on .... we are MAINE STRONG !!!"