Eleven-year-old Colby Lacasse appeared on the premiere episode of the Kids Baking Challenge on Monday night, January 4th.

Lacasse along with the other nine contestants had to make a pie from scratch. The contestants started off by playing a game of cornhole, where they had to get a bean bag in Chef Duff Goldman's mouth in a board.

Winners were able to select ingredients/tools from a table, and fresh blueberries were on the winner's table. Lacasse had his eyes on the blueberries as he wanted to make blueberry pie, but unfortunately didn't get his bean bag in Goldman's mouth.

Colby went to Plan B, and made chocolate chunk peanut butter pie with a candy topping.

Contestants had to make a ice cream from scratch, that wasn't vanilla and they found out half way through the challenge! Colby made a peanut butter ice cream.

Although he was in the bottom three, he moved on!

Next week's episode is “Eclairs Gone Wild!” In this challenge, the kid bakers are asked to create a dozen tasty and artfully decorated eclairs. Half way through the challenge the bakers face a surprising twist in the competition, and must make a half-dozen eclairs in the shape of their favorite animal. One baker will not rise to the occasion and get sent home