The American Folk Festival's Color Bangor 5k was huge fun today on the Bangor Waterfront! But the run is only part of what makes this annual event such a blast. There's also the Celebrity Pelt, where local celebrities (including ME) get doused with lots of color....and we just have to stand there and take it!

This year, I worked in registration, instead of throwing color. And I have to admit, I missed tossing all that brightly colored cornstarch on the runners. But, I still got to have plenty of fun with the celebrity pelt!

Here's the way it works - each celebrity is assigned a volunteer, who has thirty seconds to run back and forth, between a bucket of color, and their victim. The rules changed slightly this year, so the volunteers were only allowed to use one hand to scoop color, instead of two. Still....they did a really great job!

Joining me for the second of two Color Pelts were Bangor City Councilor Gibran Graham, Johnny Mehler and Kayla Binette from WLBZ-2, and Bangor Police Officer Tyler Rusby. I learned last year that, when competing in this event against a member of the Bangor PD, you'll lose every time. Congratulations, Officer!

Thanks, once again, to the folks with the American Folk Festival, for planning such a fun event. All the money raised will benefit the festival and help it to continue bringing music, food, and culture from around the world to the Bangor Waterfront each year.

Get ready....the festival is planned for August 28th, 29th, and the 30th!