He makes and is worth millions of dollars, and he certainly didn't have to complete a journey that he started years ago, but 'A-List' actor, Mark Wahlberg, didn't want another year to slip by without going after his elusive 'high school diploma.' That's right, he didn't finish in the traditional fashion, but he got it done over the summer--online.

Wahlberg bailed out of school in the ninth grade. The reasons he dropped out I'm sure are plenty and legitimate, but the point he wants to make for those who have found themselves in the same situation is to not give up. There is lots of help available, you just have to go after it.

Congratulations to Mark Wahlberg, high school 'Class of 2013.'

If you want more information on how to achieve your GED, just check with your local high school and inquire about the Adult Education program. Also, you can check this site for resources: Maine.gov/education