Things are supposedly bigger in Texas, but Maine has some of the largest things in the world! The largest blueberry, coffee pot, and even the worlds tallest bridge observatory can be found here! Even though billboards are banned and sky scrapers are very rare, Maine has a lot of things that tower above our heads other than trees! How many of these BIG things in Maine have you seen? Anything we forgot?

World's Largest LL Bean Boot, Freeport

Check this off my bucket list. #llbeanboots #freeportmaine

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World's Largest Lobster Cooker, Lobsterfest, Rockland 

World's Largest Snowman, Bethel

World's Tallest Native American, Skowhegan

World's Largest Blueberry, Columbia Falls

World's Largest Rotating and Revolving Globe "Eartha", Yarmouth

World's Largest Lobster Trap Tree, Beals

World's Largest Hand Cranked Phone, Bryant Pond

Worlds Largest Whoopie Pie, South Portland 

World's Tallest Bridge Observatory, Prospect

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World's Largest Lobster Roll, Taste of Maine, Woolrich

The way life should be. @tasteofmainerestaurant #omnom #worldslargestlobsterroll

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World's Largest Chocolate Moose/ Largest Animal Made of Chocolate, Scarborogh

The world's largest coffee pot can be seen in Island Falls, and and world's largest non-stick frying pan (one of them) comes out every year for the Egg Festival although we had a hard time finding photos of either.

Let us know if we missed anything largest in the world, in Maine!