Everyone knows Maine really opens for business in the summer months meaning there are a lot more jobs! Why not have some fun and pay the bills at the same time?!

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    Just last week there was mention of a shortage of lifeguards in Maine for the summer months. So you know there are positions open. Get a tan and learn life saving skills as a job!

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    State Parks

    There are multiple jobs at local state parks from tour guides to park rangers. Spend your summer outside with a nice view and some work on the side.

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    Lawn Care/Landscaping

    We never said these jobs would be easy, and as most people know landscaping is one of the hardest jobs physically. But think about all of the sunlight you will see, the flowers you will smell, and most landscapers get rainy days off!

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    Tour Guide

    From historic sites to boat tours, the tourists are coming and they need a leader! Be their leader and learn some new information as well!

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    Local Animal Shelter

    Most shelters need dog walkers which would be a great job to do if you are looking for some exercise as well as some sunshine.

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    Nanny/ Babysitter

    Summers mean the kids are home all day everyday and most working parents need someone to watch their child for part of the day. If you are the type that likes kids and fun why not become a Nanny and plan fun and educational day trips.

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    Seasonal Restuant

    These restaurants are seasonal for a reason. They are not busy in the winter, but in the summer they are usually packed! Places like Bar Harbor have no shortage of seasonal restaurants and the vacationing patrons usually have no problem leaving a good tip.

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    Summer Camp Counselor

    You are never too old to go to summer camp! Participate in all the fun and sun camps for kids have to offer, with some added responsibility.

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    Work on a Boat

    There is no end to the list of jobs to do on a boat in Maine. From the boats maintenance, to pulling lobster pots and fishing. Again, not an easy job but the view makes it worth it.

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    Amusement Parks/Centers

    Places like Wild Acadia water slides, Splashtown USA, or Blackbeards mini golf and go-karts need people to make all that fun stuff work, and it could be you! Plus this is a fun environment so you have to worry less about customers in a bad mood.

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