I saw this post tonight from Jessica Conley, a meteorologist with WABI and the CW, and frankly I am really upset and amazed at the rudeness of people. What gives viewers the right to comment on someone's looks, and send them emails or tweets or Facebook comments that are just nasty? Would you go up to someone in a store and comment on their dress, or their hair style? Of course not!

So what gives? Celebrities get mean tweets all the time. Yes, our local TV personalities are "big fish in a small pond," but let me tell you something, they're not getting rich doing what they're doing! (Well except for the Salsa King, Todd Simcox, just kidding Todd!) They have families. They go to the grocery stores. Their children go to public schools. In other words, they're just like us! They have feelings!

So before you send that next tweet, email, or facebook message just ask yourself, "Is it kind?" "Is it truthful?" "Is it necessary?"  I mean really, does it make you feel better by saying hurtful things? Because, if it does, that says more about you, than anything, and quite honestly, then I feel sorry for you!


I know you are all too lovely to ever do this, but some people really say things like this via Facebook, email, Twitter,...

Posted by Meteorologist Jessica Conley on Monday, March 30, 2015