How to be a super hero, how to sell Beanie-babies, how to ask a girl on a date. These are all things other states want to know. What do you think Maine wants to know how to do?

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According to Maine's 'How-to' searches on Google are actually pretty practical compared to some other states. While Indiana was googling 'how to use Google' and Rhode Island wanted to know 'How to make money selling drugs', Maine wanted to know some useful information.

The three strangest 'how-to' questions from Mainers are 'How to get rid of fruit flies', 'how to knit', and 'how to use a compass'. Have you googled any of these?

Here are the strange 'how-to' questions other states are Googling.

Here's how to get rid of fruit flies

Here's how to knit

Here's how to use a compass