Ellsworth High School made history on Wednesday, February 1st, as the school's Unified Basketball Team played it's first official countable game EVER, playing host to the Hampden Bronco's Unified Basketball Team, the defending State Champions.

Although Ellsworth came up short on the scoreboard, 64-54, the beauty if you've ever attended a Unified Basketball Game, is that there are really no losers on the court!

The Ellsworth roster consists of Robert Walters, Kyle Hallett, Renee Ouellette, Makayla Chase, Brandon Garland, Alysse Frye, Alexa Grant, Mariah Young, Keith Jordan, Wyatt Alexander, Scott Firley and Mackenzie Chipman.

The Hampden roster consists of Kelsey Tripp, Madison Mooers, Zachury Ewing, Jason Baude, Isaiah Palmer, Kyle Prim, Emma Caron, Sarah Southard, Josephine Trojecki, Chelsea Baker, Gabrielle Doucette, Joshua Stebbins, Rachel Crandella, Ben Huston and Briana Mooers.

Ellsworth was led scoring wise with 14 points from Kyle Hallett, Renee Ouellette had 12 points, Makalya Chase had 10 points, Alysse Frye had 8 points with 2 3-pointers. Alexa Grant and Brandon Garland had 4 points each and Robert Walters had 2 points. Ellsworth scored 33 points in the 1st Half, and 21 in the 2nd Half.

Hampden was led by Jason Baude with 18 points while Madison Mooers and Isaiah Palmer had 12 points each. Zachary Ewing had 10 points, Kyle Prim had 8 points and Kelsey Tripp had 4 points. Hampden scored 38 points in the 1st Half and 26 points in the 2nd Half.

Thanks to Jen Gardner for the video!

Ellsworth's next game is Thursday, February 9th at Bucksport at 3:30 PM.

Hampden's next game is Thursday February 2nd at Mount View at 5 PM.

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