November 13 UPDATE - Our good friend Walter Churchill is in good spirits, when I spoke with him Monday morning, November 13th. He was floating on Cloud 9, (and no it wasn't the painkillers!) when some of the MDI Football Team visited him on Sunday afternoon.

Photo MDI Athletics
Photo MDI Athletics

Now the bad news... Walter is going to be in the hospital until at least Thursday or Friday. He needs another surgery on his leg.

For those that want to go visit, he can have visitors. He is in room 335 B. You can also call him at 207-973-7000 and ask for room 335 B

We have been overwhelmed with offers for help when he returns home. I'm not sure what the discharge plans are, whether he will need to go into a rehab facility for a short period of time, or whether they will discharge him directly home. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Again, thanks for all your offers for assistance. Downeast Maine is such a wicked awesome place thanks to your generosit!

For well over 15 years Walter Churchill has been chronicling the action photos of MDI High School Teams. Whether it's been football, basketball, soccer, or track and field, he's been at most games taking magazine quality photos of MDI's teams. Now, Walter is going to need your help!

As of Sunday afternoon, November 12th, he was in surgery to have a hip replacement. He was injured on Saturday, November 11th while on the sidelines of the MDI-Greely State Finals Football Game. A player rolled into him from behind, resulting in the broken hip.

Hopefully he's going to be able to be driven back down to the Island on Monday or Tuesday, and be discharged to his home. But at 81, this isn't a quick surgery to bounce back, even though he's in incredibly good condition. And did you know that he's made 700 successful parachute jumps from planes in his younger days! And there wasn't 1 unsuccessful jump!

He's not going to be able to drive for a period of time. He's not going to be able to get to the store for groceries on his own. He's not going to be able snowblow/shovel his driveway and walkway. (He does have a snowblower). I'm not sure how easily he's going to be able to cook meals.

So once again I am turning to the wonderful Downeast community to come to someone's assistance. This should be a relatively easy ask given how Walter has positively impacted just about every MDI Trojan sport team. Can you help? I can't do it on a daily basis, living in Bangor. We need someone to be responsive for plowing/snowblowing. We need someone to organize trips to the grocery store or do the shopping for him. We need someone to organize a meal train. If you step up, I can funnel volunteers to you.

I hope this is a easy ask, and those that have benefitted from Walter's generosity for over 15 years, will step up to help him in his hours of need.

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