I saw this video on Facebook this morning, and it's only from yesterday. But this guy, who I'm assuming is from Massachusetts based on his accent and YouTube profile info, is already finding deer ticks in his yard. So, one can only imagine that they're probably out in near full force right now in Maine.

This year especially, Maine hasn't really had the kind of winter needed to mitigate ticks. It requires a pretty heavy snow pack, as well as extended periods of cold temps, and  that helps kill off the ticks. I know in my yard, I'm seeing about a 50/50 split between the parts of the yard with a mere couple inches of snow, and bare ground.

So sadly, my yard work that appears to only be a few weeks out, will now be as much about my permethrin socks instead of my wool socks. but hey, whatever it takes to keep those pesky jerks from crawling all over me.

But here we go..... March in New England now means tick season. I can't wait til they become fully weaponized snow ticks too. It'll complete the cycle of Mother Nature's slow but sure takeover of the human race.

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